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Fiber School!

September 29 – October 4

As usual, fall means Fiber School, where we hold Yarn School and Felt School back-to-back, with a nice helping of Dye Lab in between.

You can enroll in just Yarn School, just Felt School, or take them both and get a FREE (!) Dye Lab session, huzzah!

Yarn School (9/29 – 10/2)
Dye Lab Extension (10/2) FREE when you enroll in both Yarn School and Felt School!
Felt School (10/3-10/4)
Deposit is 50%. Fiber School students (taking both Yarn School and Felt School) get first grab at private rooms, but use the waiting list option if you’re doing just Yarn School and would prefer a private room. If any are available at the end of August, I’ll contact you by registration order.