Art Share is a go!

We’re thrilled to announce that the Kansas Arts Commission did award funding to Art Share, a collaborative project between the City of Harveyville and The Harveyville Project that will present four free art programs! Art Share will use Harveyville Project residents present free arts programs that may include classes, field trips, exhibits, etc.

It’s a fairly modest grant, and Arts Commission is currently funding these grants at 80% (with the remaining 20% to come at the end of the term, if it’s still available), so we’ll either need to scale back a bit, or have a little fund-raising to make up the deficit. We’ll also need volunteer help and some donated supplies (I’ll psot a wish list for each program), so if you’re interested, please let me know!

Our first program will be a pinhole camera workshop in early August, followed a few weeks later by an exhibit of the photographs taken. The class and exhibit will be led by Stephanie Trevino. I’m really excited about Art Share in general, and I’m also psyched about this class in particular. I’ve always wanted to try pinhole photography, but most of my solo photographic experiments have been dismal, so getting practical instruction will be such a treat. We should have the dates and additional information soon.

We may even be presenting a second program in August! More on that as we work out the details.

If you’re a prospective resident interested in participating in Art Share, we’ll be posting the proposal requirements soon.