PROM IS BACK! The Harveyville Project’s 2010 Prom will be Saturday, May 29!

This year’s prom rates extra special thrills!  Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds and special guests The Royal Butchers will perform, and the inimitable Jason Ward will record it for a live record on In the Red.

Dinner’s at 8 and the bands start after dark (9.30 or so). Wear your prom finery and dancing shoes and prepare to get some fries with that shake! (Ass-shaking optional; wallflowers also welcome.)

Tickets on sale soon. Email Nikol (nikol at harveyvilleproject dot com) if you want an email when tickets go live.

If you’ve never been to our prom, it’s just like the high school prom you avoided–or maybe more like the gymnasium-in-streamers prom from your favorite 80s teen movie–but without the chaperons and teachers and all the a-holes you went to school with. Out-of-state guests get priority for overnight rooms.