Fall Fiber School Registration is live!

Fiber School!

FALL FIBER SCHOOL October 2 – 7, 2014

Yarn School + Felt School! Take both (get a free Dye Lab session, $150 value) or either one.

YARN SCHOOL  is Thursday, October 2 thru Sunday, October 5. $485 includes everything!

FELT SCHOOL  is Monday, October 6 and Tuesday, October 7 (Tuesday overnight and Wednesday breakfast included). $325 includes everything!

Want to dye more? DYE LAB EXTENSION is Sunday, October 5, 2 – 6pm. $150 includes a pound of undyed combed top, plus your meals and an extra overnight stay. Register for both Yarn and Felt School and take Dye Lab for free!


Cheese School inspiration

Last night, I finished my last loose end from a lovely Cheese School, waxing a couple of farmhouse cheddars we smoked Sunday evening. I decided to relocate my cheese cave (read: dorm fridge turned all the way down) and discovered a cheddar from last year’s Cheese School!  There was a little hole in the wax, so I trimmed and rewaxed it, and took the opportunity to sample a bit. Although I’ve been incredibly lazy in tending it (witnessed by my surprise at its very existence), it was delicious! Hooray cheese!

I’m determined that next year’s Überlist will include trying my hand at a fancy new cheese, either a blue, an alpine, or a mold-ripened. In the meantime, I’m going to take advantage of the dreamy local milk this summer and practice my basic skills. If all goes well, maybe next year I’ll have TWO dorm fridges in the pantry….

A few pictures from Cheese School…

Cheese Plate

Yarn School Registration opens mid-January

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Yarn School Goodies time!

(photo by moonrat42 aka Natalia :))

Hand dyers, fiber farmers, yarn shops, etc! Advertise your fibery goodness for free in the Yarn School goody bags!

Get your wares in the hands of eager fiber enthusiasts. Send 30 pcs of fiber samples, patterns, notions, yarn–whatever you specialize in–to arrive here by Wednesday 10/2 (we can probably squeeze it in if they come Thursday, but shoot for Wednesday). In exchange, you’ll get great advertising and a free banner for the next 6 mos on thriftyknitter.com and yarnschool.com. Make sure anything you send is well labeled so customers can find you.

(Last spring’s contributors: it’s not too late to send those banners & I’ll put them up with this round.)

We also love door prizes!

Email nikol@harvyevilleproject.com if you’re sending stuff.

Send to:

Nikol Lohr
13149 Harveyville Rd
Harveyville KS 66431


Dye Lab spots available tonight

I’m releasing most of the fall Fiber School Dye Lab spots tonight. Folks already registered will get first crack at them. I’ll add any remaining spots to general registration on Sunday.


Fall is usually a lot more relaxed, but after the mad dash this spring, I’m announcing the time in advance.

YARN SCHOOL: 10/3 – 10/6 (Thurs pm – Sunday afternoon) – EXTRA DYE LAB: 10/6 (Sun pm + overnight) – FELT SCHOOL: 10/7 – 10/8 (Mon/Tues + overnight)

Registration will be here at 10am, assuming I set it up properly. Until then, it will give an error message. In the meantime: