Register now for Cheese School 2014!

Cheese School, April 3-6, 2014 at The Harveyville Project!

Registration is now open for this year’s Cheese School.

We held our very first Cheese School last spring and it was a marvelous time! Two full days of hands-on home cheesemaking, capped off with a fascinating (and delectable) presentation by Sarah Hoffman of the award-winning Green Dirt Farm.

We loved it so much, we’re making it an annual event. Charlene will lead the home cheesemaking intensive, and Sarah will join us again for the artisian demo and tasting. It’s a really wonderful way to dive into the nitty-gritty of home cheesemaking, and also get the benefit of a fantastic professional perspective. Plus, of course, lots and lots of cheese, nom nom nom.

All the details and registration here!

Yarn School Registration opens mid-January

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Yarn School Goodies time!

(photo by moonrat42 aka Natalia :))

Hand dyers, fiber farmers, yarn shops, etc! Advertise your fibery goodness for free in the Yarn School goody bags!

Get your wares in the hands of eager fiber enthusiasts. Send 30 pcs of fiber samples, patterns, notions, yarn–whatever you specialize in–to arrive here by Wednesday 10/2 (we can probably squeeze it in if they come Thursday, but shoot for Wednesday). In exchange, you’ll get great advertising and a free banner for the next 6 mos on and Make sure anything you send is well labeled so customers can find you.

(Last spring’s contributors: it’s not too late to send those banners & I’ll put them up with this round.)

We also love door prizes!

Email if you’re sending stuff.

Send to:

Nikol Lohr
13149 Harveyville Rd
Harveyville KS 66431


Dye Lab spots available tonight

I’m releasing most of the fall Fiber School Dye Lab spots tonight. Folks already registered will get first crack at them. I’ll add any remaining spots to general registration on Sunday.


Fall is usually a lot more relaxed, but after the mad dash this spring, I’m announcing the time in advance.

YARN SCHOOL: 10/3 – 10/6 (Thurs pm – Sunday afternoon) – EXTRA DYE LAB: 10/6 (Sun pm + overnight) – FELT SCHOOL: 10/7 – 10/8 (Mon/Tues + overnight)

Registration will be here at 10am, assuming I set it up properly. Until then, it will give an error message. In the meantime:





Getting ready for Cheese School

We’ve been busy getting ready for Cheese School. A few weeks ago, Charlene ran through all of the cheeses we’ll be making, getting accustomed to our stove and layout. I got to sample all of them, lucky me!

Charlene making a stirred-curd cheddar

Charlene making a stirred-curd cheddar

Squeak, squeak!

Giant Cheddar

Feta Brining

Feta Draining

We also smoked some homemade mozzarella, along with some store-bought cheeses.

Smoked Cheeses!

I’ve been working on a design for a DIY cheese press, with ample help from the Internet. Fingers crossed it will work as planned. Most of my “brilliant ideas” are rather expensive disasters, so I’m hoping this is the exception. I’ll know by Wednesday…

Spring Yarn School!

Yarn School is full. Please email Nikol to be put on the waiting list. Apologies to everyone who is disappointed. Spring always fills  up quickly, but “quickly” usually means a week, not 12 hours. I’m attempting a bit of shuffling to accommodate roommate requests, so if that results in any openings, I’ll offer them in the order. The waiting list started around 9am Friday, so those people will get first crack.

We’re still a couple months out, so it’s not unusual to have some openings as we get closer, so please do get on the waiting list if you’re flexible. This session filled so quickly that I suspect some friends coming together might have gotten split up, which may result in a few extra cancellations. Either way, stay tuned & I’ll let you know!

Haven’t reviewed availability with Charlene yet, but if you’re interested, this may still be an option:

Helper Discount Program