Upcoming Workshops

We’re hosting artist Cheryl Toh‘s GET WAXY Encaustic Painting Workshop next weekend (Nov. 4-7, Thursday – Sunday). The workshop page for the class syllabus, details, and registration information.

Discover the infinite applications of this ancient art form for painting with pigmented wax. This intensive workshop offers a comprehensive approach for working both traditionally and experimentally with encaustic.

Become proficient with the key elements of the medium; paint application, manipulation and fusing methods. Work with a variety of techniques including layering, scraping, scraffito, texturing, stencils, pouring, dipping, collage, the incorporation of mixed media and found objects to define your unique style. Work on various substrates (paper, board, fabric, etc) as you become adept in working with this versatile medium. Encaustic formulas, color mixing, supports and grounds, studio safety and the use of various tools will also be covered.

Personalized instruction, encaustic supplies, tools and equipment, room & board at the Harveyville Project are included in the workshop fees.

This workshop is an excellent opportunity to discover new techniques and applications with wax. Artists working in most any medium (drawing, painting, mixed media, fiber, clay, sculpture, etc) benefit from the exploratory, hands-on nature of this workshop. Beginning participants as well as those who have experience working in the medium, gain skills and techniques from the personalized instruction.

The following weekend brings Hello Yarn’s Adrian Bizilia back to Harveyville for our first-ever Mitten School! All the details & registration info are here.

Honey and Bird's Egg

With the help of the handsome & talented David of Southern Cross Fibre, Adrian’s been busy selecting colorways for Mitten School. We’ll be using gorgeous, squooshy Quince & Company Lark (territorial wool) for the mittens and Tern (wool/silk) for the lining. Yum, yum!

Mitten School Colorways!