LAWRENCE JOURNAL WORLD. Prom A-Go-Go by Gavon Lessing

TOPEKA CAPITAL-JOURNAL. Dye, Card and Spin by Carolyn Kaberline.

SUNFLOWER JOURNEYS (Kansas Public Television program). Episode #2204 (Oct. 22 – 7PM), Home-made/Hand-Made.

INTERWEAVE FELT (special issue from the preeminent fiber arts magazine publisher). Felt School at the Harveyville Project by Shannon Okey.

YARN FORWARD (U.K. knitting magazine). Back to (yarn) school by Nikol Lohr. Photos by John Wise. Summer 2008.

ODYSSEY (BMX company). Electronical BMX Video. March 2008. Eskridge building featured in Taj Mihelich’s segment. Trailer here.

RIDE BMX (National BMX magazine). 2008.

REVIEW (Kansas City arts magazine). Too Cool for School? by Susi Lulaki. Photos by Susi Lulaki. December 2007.

LAWRENCE.COM (Lawrence, KS alt weekly newspaper & website). No More Teachers, No More Books. by Frank Tankard. Illustration by Molly Murphy. September 2007.

VENUS ZINE (National women’s music/art/diy magazine). About Place: Schoolyard Heroes by Kate Rockwood. June 2007.

WEEKEND AMERICA/KCUR (Public radio program/Kansas City public radio). School’s out in Harveyville, KS by Frank Morris.

READYMADE (National DIY magazine). Boarding School by Lisa Selin Davis. Pictures by Colby Lysne. April/May 2007.

TOPEKA CAPITAL-JOURNAL (Topeka, KS daily newspaper). Art school residential by Jan Biles. Pictures by Jason Hunter. November 2006.