Dye Lab Extension is available during Yarn School and Fiber School. Yarn School is usually held the last weekend in April and Fiber School is the first weekend in October.

Yarn/Fiber School attendees may add a Dye Lab Extension. The Dye Lab Extension add-on includes overnight stay Sunday night with meals and snacks, a 4-hour session in the dye lab with Adrian (including dyes and use of equipment), and a pound of undyed wool fiber.

Photos by John Wise


NOTE: The Dye Lab is also available for hire outside of Yarn School. If you would like to schedule personal time in the Dye Lab, the rate is $35/hour, which includes pre-mixed acid dyes and equipment use (bring your own fiber/yarn), plus basic instruction (off the clock).

We can also schedule a Dye Lab party for your fiber guild or group. Group rates are $20/person/hour for groups of 6 or more. The Dye Lab can comfortably accommodate a group of 15.