New babies at Cupcake Ranch!

Yes, it’s true! We have two new residents at the Harveyville Project. They’re still too little to name (we want to make sure they’re good & strong first), but intoducing: the little boy and the baby!

It turns out that Agnes, the shyest, daintiest of the sheep, had a little secret. Miss Agnes apparently came to us knocked up, and Sunday morning & afternoon, Ron & I delivered 2 adorable little lambs. Read all about it here. I have a whole new level or respect for farmers. I wasn’t planning to breed them (they’re a spinner’s flock), so didn’t do anything special in caring or feeding her–I never even read the lambing chapters in any of my books. So we alternated between running back to the school & calling for advice, and just winging it. Huge ordeal (Ron, who was already sick, ended up with a bad fever), but really awesome, too!

Hopefully they’ll make it  (Agnes isn’t an especially keen mom, but she does seem to be warming up to them) and those of you coming to the Sunflower Spring Knitaway or Spring Yarn School will get to meet our newly-named little bundles of joy. They’re really tiny and cute.

In the meantime, I’ll try to add some better pictures. And here’s their mom, Agnes.