Well, hello there! We’re The Harveyville Project, home to Yarn School, Felt School, Mitten School, Cheese School, Rigid Heddle School, Dress School—all the schools!

The Harveyville Project finds its home in two former rural school buildings on roughly 10 acres in rural Harveyville, Kansas. Our overriding purpose is to provide an inspiring, energizing environment to foster creative output. Currently, we’re focused on small workshops (6-36), but we also make a great private venue for groups.


Harveyville Rural High School
(built 1939)
Harveyville Grade School
(built 1954)

We can accommodate groups of 3-4 dozen in the warmer months, and 18-24 (18 beds, 10 of them doubles) dozen in the winter (high school building only; we winterize the grade school building)–. We’re currently hosting organized group events (our own and outside groups), but we’ll be expanding to offer individual airbnb stays as well in 2022.

Keep in mind that The Harveyville Project is not a hotel; it’s a very cool but also very old institutional building with lots of quirks. We’re always improving, but some parts have seen better days. If you like rustic bed & breakfasts, eclectic digs, hostels, pensiones, camps or farm stays, and family-style dinners, this will be right up your alley; if you’re really only comfortable in traditional commercial hotels will full-service restaurants, it absolutely will not.


Most of the guest rooms are large (average 700-900sf) former classrooms charming schoolroom details (chalkboards, maps) and tons of natural light. There are also some cozier rooms (former offices and teachers’ rooms). All of our beds have quality mattresses, cotton linens, and down blankets or comforters (cotton blankets instead on request).

5th Grade group room in grade school (in use at Yarn School; photo by moonrat):

English Room triple room in high school (in use at Yarn School; photo by John Wise):

BATHROOMS AND SHOWERS are shared (the original school facilities). They are the opposite of posh, pretty much exactly as you remember your school bathrooms, without the Mean Girls hassling you or the graffiti, and with towels & washcloths. The Boys’ and Girls’ designations are for reference only, except at Prom, when the male-to-female population is roughly even. Otherwise, everyone uses whichever is handy and closes the door when they go in.

Girls’ Showers:

Boys’ Shower (minus the tub now):

Girls’ Restrooms (high school):

Boys’ Restroom (high school):

On-site massage can be arranged for events. We typically have a massage therapist on call during our workshops, and this can be arranged for private workshops and retreats as well.

MEALS (workshops)

We serve local foods in season, as well as our own eggs, jams, and herbs.

BREAKFAST is continental, and includes coffee and tea, waffles, fruit, cold cereal, yogurt, pastries, toast, etc.

LUNCH and DINNER are served buffet or family style. As always, you’re free to enjoy the group or fix a plate and skip out, if you’d prefer a little solitude.

SNACKS (optional, depending on package) Chips, popcorn, cookies, candy, fruit, etc. are available free around the clock in and next to the resident fridge (near the south basement stair).

SPECIAL DIETS Vegetarian options included; other special diets (vegan, gluten-free, etc.) available with an extra charge.

If you’re bringing your own special snacks or beverages, you may keep them in one of the guest fridges.


(AKA managers, janitors, fixer-uppers, administrators, cooks).

Nikol Lohr is a sometime writer, crafter, cook, and a longtime but surprisingly unsophisticated web nerd.

Before running The Harveyville Project and Art Club (The Harveyville Project’s crafty/fibery/gifty shop), she was Disgruntled Housewife and one third of Out of the Frying Pan. More recently (but not that recently), she blogged on The Thrifty Knitter, , and wrote Naughty Needles & Literary Knits. She’s been producing her handmade planners for the better part of two decades.

She’s @harveyvilleproject on Instagram, cupcake on Ravelry, and QueenieVonSugarpants on flickr; though she’s fairly unreliable on social.

Ron Miller is a musician, tattoo artist, painter, dreamer, and rebuilder of abandoned objects. He owns Miller Tattoo in Lawrence, Kansas and plays drums in Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds.