We’re taking a break from workshops this year, but plan to resume in 2023. Sign up for our mailing list for a heads up when we update our calendar. 

We have a new registration system, so please let me know if you encounter any problems! We’re limiting enrollment to maximize individual attention and give us more room in Dye Lab. Our default standard enrollment is a shared double, but we can accommodate up to a quad if you have a group of friends. Covid vaccinations required.

FIBER SCHOOL is a week of fiber at the Harveyville Project.

FALL FIBER SCHOOL includes two fiber workshops (Yarn SchoolFelt School) held back-to-back, with an extra Dye Lab extension sandwiched between. You can enroll in either or both workshops. The first 10 registrants enrolled in both workshops get a free bonus Dye Lab session!


Register with a 50% deposit. Deposits are fully refundable until deposit deadline.  After that, no refunds.

In all cases, all supplies, classes, field trip (Yarn School), equipment use, rooms, meals & snacks are included!

Standard registration is a shared double or triple (you can pick your roommates or we can assign them) in a large room. Private upgrades and group room and helper discounts are also available.

FIBER SCHOOL (the whole shebang) 

Fiber School = Yarn School + Felt School +  FREE Dye Lab Extension  for the first 10 students to enroll in both.

Upgrades: Private room, both workshops
Discounts: Group room. Helper (To be a Helper, don’t register here; read this, then contact Char).


Upgrades: Private room, both workshops
Discounts: Group room. Helper (To be a Helper, don’t register here; read this, then contact Char).


Upgrades: Private room

ADD DYE LAB, including room/meals  (FREE for the first 10 enrolled in both workshops)

Includes an extra night’s stay with meals, supplies, and a 4-hour Dye Lab session supervised/guided by Adrian.

NOTE: Yarn School includes a Dye Lab session on Friday. This is for an extra Dye Lab session on Sunday, plus room & meals Sunday night/Monday Morning.

Add Sunday Night (no Dye Lab), $65, including meals 

If your travel plans require you to leave Monday morning (Yarn School) or arrive Sunday evening after 5pm (Felt School), you can add an overnight stay on Sunday.  Dinner Sunday and breakfast Monday morning are included. 

Just make a note when you register, and I’ll add it to your check-in.

Special Diets

We can accommodate vegetarians at no extra charge. We can also cater to more specialized/exclusive diets (e.g., gluten-free, grain-free, vegan, dairy-free) at an additional charge of $75 for Yarn School or $50 for Felt School ($25/day).  You’re also welcome to bring your own prepared food–we have a guest fridge and microwave you can use. Special diet charges aren’t included when you register; you’ll pay them at check-in.

Register for Yarn School and/or Felt School

Deposit is 50% of total; remaining 50% balance, plus any special diet/extra night add-ons, due at check-in. Deposit refund is 6 weeks before workshop.

Register for Dye Lab Extension

Deposit is 50% of total; balance is due at check-in. Deposit refund deadline is six weeks before workshop. Note: Yarn School includes a Dye Lab session; this is for the extra optional session on Sunday.

DO NOT ADD DYE LAB IF YOU’RE ALREADY REGISTERING FOR BOTH YARN SCHOOL + FELT SCHOOL (up to 10 students will be registered automatically at no charge).

Book your Airport Shuttle

$50 covers full round trip shuttle ride for Yarn School or Yarn + Felt. Felt School-only shuttle requires Sunday pickup and an extra night’s stay (+$75 includes meals and extra night). Shuttle reservation is non-refundable.

Which airport should I use? Kansas City, MO (airport code MCI) if you want to take the shuttle. If you’re planning to rent a car, you can also try Wichita (just over 2 hours) or Oklahoma City (about 4 hrs).

If you’re taking the shuttle, use these guidelines to book your flight.  Do not book your flight outside of these times, or your could miss the shuttle/your flight.  Lead/travel time has been built in, so these are your actual flight times.

  • YARN SCHOOL ONLY: Arrive by 4pm Thurs; depart after 4pm Sun
  • YARN SCHOOL + DYE LAB: Arrive by 4pm Thurs; depart after noon Mon
  • FELT SCHOOL ONLY: Arrive by 3pm Sun; depart after noon Wed (add extra night @ $60 incl meals)
  • FELT SCHOOL + DYE LAB: No good shuttle combination; you’ll need to make your own arrangements.
  • YARN SCHOOL + FELT SCHOOL (w/ Free Dye Lab): Arrive by 4pm Thurs; depart after noon Wed