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If you have an up-to-date GPS, our address (13149 Harveyville Rd) will usually get you her just fine, though maybe a couple blocks off. If you have an older GPS, it may try to send you down awful gravel roads, so it’s best to use our directions.

Harveyville is in southeastern Wabaunsee county, in northeastern Kansas, on the edge of the Flint Hills.

If you’re flying,  MCI (Kansas City International) in Kansas City, MO or ICT (Wichita).

MCI: Exit the airport and follow the Topeka sign left onto 29N/435. Exit 435S. Exit I-70W and follow the I-70 to 470/75S directions below.

On Amtrak, you’ll be taking the Southwest Chief into Topeka. Exit the station and go left/west on 4th, then follow the signs onto I-70W. From there, follow the I-70 Auburn Road directions below.


If it’s light out, the Harveyville water tower is a great beacon. It’s directly behind the school

From I-70 (Denver or Kansas City) via Auburn Road

It’s before Topeka coming from Denver, and after coming from KC

  1. Take Exit 353 ( K-4/Auburn Rd)
  2. Head south on Auburn Rd about 10 miles to the town of Auburn, KS.
    Bryan’s Liquor Store, on your right about a block before you’ll turn off, has a small selection of booze, beer and wine.It’s your last chance for real alcohol. The local market only sells the half-strength stuff.
  3. Turn right onto 8th St. There’s a Methodist Church on your right and a car wash on your left. This road will become 89th, then eventually Harvyeville Rd. You’ll take it all the way to the school.
  4. After about 7 miles, you’ll follow the road along a 90 curve to your left. If you’re driving at night, pay attention, because the yellow warning sign before the curve is all busted and hanging down. If it’s light enough, you’ll see “Curt’s Curve” in big spray-painted letters.
  5. About 8 miles later, you’ll see a Harveyville sign. Continue straight as you are, and you’ll see the schools on your left. Enter through the front of the High School. If you hit 31, you’ve gone too far. Also, you’re most likely blind.

I-70 to 470 to 75S

  1. Take 70 to 470, the south loop under Topeka, to 75S
    From the east, take 470 W (left exit) to 75 S (it’s a little squirrely, just follow the signs)
    From the west, take 470 E to 75 S
  2. Take the Hwy 56 Exit (Signs will say Scranton-Overbrook-Burlingame-Baldwin City)
  3. Go right (west) on 56.
  4. Pass through Scranton and Burlingame
  5. Instead of following 56 south at Burlingame, continue straight through town, and the road will turn into Hwy 31, which will lead you to Harveyville.
  6. There are 2 sharp turns (one right, one left) shortly before you reach town)
  7. You’ll see a sign for Hwy 195/Harveyville. Pass that road
  8. Harveyville Road is the next street. Make a right. The school’s on your right

From Lawrence via 59/56 (You can also take 56 all the way from KC).

  1. Take Hwy 59 (Iowa) south to Hwy 56.
  2. Take Hwy 56 west to Burlingame.
  3. In Burlingame, continue straight through town (56 turns off to the left). The road turns into to Hwy 31.
  4. Take 31 to Harveyville Road (immediately after Hwy 195)
  5. Turn right on Harveyville Rd. The school is about a block down on the right.

From Wichita, Oklahoma & Texas via I-35/335

Heading North on I-35/335

  1. At Emporia, I-35 veers off to the right. Instead, you’ll stay on the Kansas Turnpike, which becomes I-335
  2. Take Exit 147 (US-56/Admire)
  3. Turn left onto 56, toward Council Grove. Continue on 56 for about 3.5 miles
  4. Turn right onto 99. Continue for about 9 miles.
  5. Turn right onto 31. Continue for just over 7 miles.
  6. Veer left onto Harveyville Rd. You’ll see a little bitty green town sign where you turn. You’ll be able to see a ballfield and the schools from where you turn. If you miss the first, veering turn, there’s a hard left right afterwards. It’s easy to miss, because you’re coming into town the back way. Also, the town is the size of a small neighborhood. (Shortly after, there’s another Harveyville sign and a sign for 195. You can also come in that way–just take your first left, then go left on Gertrude, and you’ll run right into the school.)
  7. The school’s about a block down the road on your right. Pull into the second driveway, just after the schools, and enter to the front door of the High School.